Oxbridge Tour Announced

Aaaaand ….WE’RE BACK…. sooner than expected….!!

Over at Kleptocracy Tours are the details of a tour for June 10th of Oxford, with substantial input from and about Cambridge, highlighting the links both universities have with foreign money of dubious origin.

Please, be aware that this will a walking tour of Oxford and a sitting tour of Cambridge and will not, unlike the London tours, be on a coach. The walking part will consist of a  45min/1hour guided walk around Oxford and then we will sitting down in a private venue for a verbal tour of similar locations in Cambridge and for an open and general discussion of the ramifications and implications of these phenomena.

Head on over there for details of the tour and of how to apply for seats.

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2 Responses to Oxbridge Tour Announced

  1. Hello,

    I am Elisabeth Blanchet, photographer and journalist, I regularly work for the French magazine LM : http://www.lm-magazine.com and we’d be interested in running a piece about your actions/tours. Is there any planned soon? Thanks a lot for letting us know
    All best wishes

    • ArthurD says:

      Hello Elisabeth … and apologies for the slow response
      We are not planning to have any tours for the foreseeable future due to the Summer and the political instability here in the UK.
      We would be happy to do an interview and could supply you some historic still and video files if that would help….

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