Special Kleptocracy Tour

In Expectation of the Royal Assent

of the Criminal Finances Bill


Committee for Legislation Against Moneylaundering in Properties by Kleptocrats

cordially invites

selected media representatives

to a special Kleptocracy Tour with added

Unexplained Wealth Orders

on the afternoon of April 27th in central London.

The Criminal Finances Bill is a significant milestone in the history of UK law making and represents a new chapter in the global fight against corruption and kleptocracy. The Bill opens the way forBritish law enforcement agencies to seize the UK assets of dictators and rights abusers, irrespective of where in the world offences are committed.

The essential component of the Bill is the Human Rights Abusers Assets Freeze Amendment – otherwise known as the ‘Magnitsky Amendment’. We are honoured to be joined by the authors of the amendment – Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge and leader of the global Magnitsky Justice Campaign Bill Browder – who will talk about the amendment, its role in prosecuting kleptocrats, and how it will apply to existing cases.

On this special Kleptocracy Tour, your guides will be:
Oliver Bullough       journalist and author of The Last Man in Russia;
Dr Andrew Foxall    Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society;
Luke Harding          journalist and author of A Very Expensive Poison;
Dr Ala’a Shehabi     economist and writer, co-founder of Bahrein Watch;
Matthew Page         U.S. intelligence community’s top expert on Nigeria;
Roman Borisovich   ClampK founder, From Russia With Cash documentary

The guest speaker will be Professor Steve Keen of Kingston University. In addition, representatives of Transparency International, Global Witness, and ClampK, leaders of the campaign for transparency of global offshore tax havens, will attend.

The Tour around central London will be conducted from the comfort of a luxury coach.

The tour runs from 15.00 till until approximately 17.00.
Details of departure point will be supplied to those
RSVP’ing to ClampK at ‘campaigns@clampk.org

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  1. Mike Lane says:

    I recently saw a brief description of your Kleptocracy Tours on the Washington Post. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. I am curious to know if there are any “American” stops on your tour yet or if, given the current political climate, you are anticipating adding any. Take care.

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