Oxbridge Tour Announced

Aaaaand ….WE’RE BACK…. sooner than expected….!!

Over at Kleptocracy Tours are the details of a tour for June 10th of Oxford, with substantial input from and about Cambridge, highlighting the links both universities have with foreign money of dubious origin.

Please, be aware that this will a walking tour of Oxford and a sitting tour of Cambridge and will not, unlike the London tours, be on a coach. The walking part will consist of a  45min/1hour guided walk around Oxford and then we will sitting down in a private venue for a verbal tour of similar locations in Cambridge and for an open and general discussion of the ramifications and implications of these phenomena.

Head on over there for details of the tour and of how to apply for seats.

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Next Steps

Again, thank you all for making the Kleptocracy Tours the resounding media sucess that they were.

We are very happy with the position announced by the Cabinet Office as to what the UK Govt. thinks the new legislative arrangements should be. Your participation and reportage contributed significantly to this change.

We will be reviewing what our next steps should be over the next week or so in the light of these announced changes.

We are conscious of how many of you would like to see further tours and we will announce here how we intend to make this happen.

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The 7 tours of the 2nd Kleptocracy Tours finished last week on the same day as the Global Anti-Corruption Summit was taking place in London.
Thank you all for coming. Our special thanks go to those who were our guides to the London sites of the proceeds of kleptocracy and the background to those sites.

We asked for contributions from members of the public on those tours that were open to the public (Wed and Thur only).

In the interests of the transparency we are asking for, we want to report that we were generously supported by those people to the tune of 440Stg. We tipped the bus drivers 150Stg and we have spent 220Stg on trademarking the name ‘Kleptocracy Tours’ for the purpose of protecting the idea from unscrupulous exploitation. We have spent about 50Stg on printed materials and on domain name registrations. So we are pretty much at a ‘wash’ on the cash contributions.

Some of these tours, which were reserved for staff and guests of particular NGOs, were paid for by those NGOs. All of the rest of these tours and the earlier ones were paid for by the Campaign and there were no other contributions sought or received.

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Kleptocracy Tours – the Dates!

We will be running tours on Monday through Thursday next week!

There will be two tours on Mon and Tues and Thurs and one on Wed morning. The times will be at 0930 and 1400.

It’s by invite only so please write to ‘campaigns at clampk.org’ for a place. There are still  places available for Wednesday and there is limited availability on other days.

We’re very grateful for the support of several of the organisations in our coalition in sponsoring some of the trips. Any support that you might care to give on the day will also be greatly appreciated as we are funding this out of our own pockets.

Looking forward to seeing you on the bus!

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Global Anti-Corruption Summit – Kleptocracy Tours.

We are happy to  announce that we will be running a series of tours to coincide with the AntiCorruption Summit in May this year.

For details, how to register and the background to the tours head on over to our sister site at KleptocracyTours.org .

The PanamaPapers saga has shown us how widespread and entrenched and commonplace these practices have become. We know also that Mossack Fonseca are just the tip of the iceberg.


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Consultation Announced

The Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills announced the long awaited consultation on the issue of money laundering through residential property on March 4th with an original closing of April 1st, which was later extended to April 4th.

ClampK collaborated with our campaign partners in ensuring a coherent and comprehensive set of responses and we would like to thank them for that happy and effective work process.

ClampK’s submission can be downloaded from here.


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Kleptocracy Tours!


The Committee for Legislation Against Moneylaundering in Properties by Kleptocrats,

The Henry Jackson Society & Kleptocracy Initiative of the Hudson Institute

are hosting the inaugural

Kleptocracy Tour

to be held in London on Thursday 4th February 2016.

Luxury real estate in prime locations around the globe such as London, New York, Cote d’Azur and Singapore is quickly becoming the bitcoin of world kleptocracy. Hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from the world’s neediest nations are being invested in penthouses, mansions, villas and castles. All of this is being made possible by the use of anonymous companies in exotic offshore jurisdictions, allowing the real owners of these properties to remain unknown.

Kleptocracy Tours will shine a light on the owners, their lavish properties and the sources of their wealth. It will unmask the enablers who help bring proceeds of corruption into our countries. The tour will feature prominent anti-corruption experts – journalists, writers and investigators – as your tour guides, telling you the stories of ill-gotten wealth and answering your questions.

This inaugural tour of London will travel through Whitehall, Knightsbridge, South Kensington and its ‘Billionaire’s Row’, Hampstead, Highgate, and finish in Baker Street. Your tour guides will be:


Vladimir Ashurkov

Russian politician & Executive Director, Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation;

Ben Judah

journalist and author of soon-to-be-released This is London;

Mark Hollingsworth

journalist and author of Londongrad;

Chido Dunn

money-laundering investigator with Global Witness;

Oliver Bullough

journalist and author of The Last Man in Russia;

Dr. Andrew Foxall

Director of the Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society;

Peter Pomeranzev

journalist and author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible; and

Roman Borisovich

anticorruption activist and star of From Russia With Cash documentary.


This spectacular 3-hour journey through the heart of London will be conducted from the comfort of a luxury tour bus

at 9:30am and at 2:30pm on Thursday 4th February 2016.

If you would like to participate, please email to campaigns@clampk.org indicating your reason for attending and your preferred time of tour departure.

There are a limited number of places. Successful applicants will be informed about the exact departure details.

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